I am so excited to bring back the house rings!! I made my first neighborhood ring two years ago as part of a 30 day art challenge. It was made out of some sculpey clay and a cheap three finger ring sourced from an embarrassing-shall-not-be-named-tween-store. I went back to the idea after a couple weeks and redesigned it as a laser cut ring. At the same time I also designed a simpler House Ring, which I think is a little less intimidating, and a little more wearable than the Neighborhood Ring.  

I want you to be able to carry the idea of your home, or your neighborhood with you where ever you go. I also love referencing the designs for brass knuckles in the Neighborhood Ring, so that you could (almost) hit someone with a little bit of neighborhood pride. (Side note: Maybe I should be marketing these to the local neighborhood watch!) Flash forward to a few weeks ago, I had run out of my first batch of laser cut rings! When I reordered them, I took some time to reassess the design and made a few small changes. With this new batch, I updated the sizing of the rings a little bit, and choose to have them laser cut from a neutral color cherry wood. They've gotten their own project page, as well as listings in the shop! Check them out!