Custom Scarf


Custom Scarf


Do you have an old family photo, or even a new one, that needs the, "Nicki Treatment?" I'll tessellate it and print it up on silky, light, crepe de chine so that you can wear your family around your neck! Or in your hair! Or hung as art on your wall! 

Please note that custom scarves require that you, the customer, be able to scan and email your photo of choice. After you’ve made your purchase, I’ll be in touch to collect your image. If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Each scarf is printed in the US by Spoonflower using an eco-friendly method, which requires no water (an therefore no water pollution) and uses non-toxic inks.

Printed on polyester crepe de chine, measuring 24 in x 24 in.

Featuring a hand rolled hem. Who's hand rolled it? Nicki’s hand! 

This listing does not include a display hanger. Hangers are listed as separate items.

Ships free in the US.

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