Release is the recreation and release of my former homes, the spaces that I’ve left behind. These past houses are carefully remembered and then recreated in the form of a paper boat. I travel back to my old neighborhoods and release the boats into the waters surrounding their real life counterparts. After they are released, no attempt is made to retrieve them and the boats live only in the documentation of their launch.

My current home, Galloway, OH lives as sculpture, finished, honored, but at the same time, ready to move on, ready to be released.

Mt. Lebanon, PA

Mt. Lebanon, PA Release

HIlltop, OH

HIlltop, OH Release

Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA Release

Galloway, OH 

This is a long term ongoing project.  A boat for each of my ten homes will be created and released. Check back for more boats and releases.

Studio and On-location photography by Amy Schweizer, Mark Eberhardt and Nicole Crock