Indianapolis Treasures


I've got quite a collection of vintage images. I've been collecting for a couple years, searching through boxes and drawers in antique stores. When you get the opportunity to look through a pile of old photos, especially when you have no personal connection to the people in them, you start to realize that the photos people take generally fall into a couple categories:

  1. People and their dogs
  2. People and their kids
  3. People and their homes

I'm especially interested in the last category, because if you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with houses. I love the idea that these people are totally unknown to me, that these photos somehow wind up in my care and I want to swirl them up and send them back out into the world again in a new form. Most recently that form has been in my Tessellation series. My Tessellations have changed a lot in the past couple years, and I'm sure they will keep evolving, and my photo collecting will continue.

This weekend I was in Indianapolis and started a new resolution: each new place I visit, I will make time for some photo hunting. These photos are very much connected to the place where they were found, and I love pointing out on a sculpture where each one was found, and how they all come together to create a new story. 

Mandala Mock Up

Hello there giant artwork! It's nice to see you! I'm so eager to finish this piece you guys have no idea. I've submitted it to a couple venues already so it's really got to BE DONE ALREADY. Since it's not 100% finished, and also because it's so large (about 9 foot by 9 foot) I haven't been able to document it in it's full glory yet. So the first two images here are digital mock ups. Can you tell?!?!? Tell me they look awesome and my photoshop skills are awesome and that I am in general, awesome. Thanks! 

UPDATE: This piece is being shown at the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum this fall as part of ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

Business Card Upgrade

I picked out a new color for my business cards! Branding and graphic design are not my strong suit so I usually make decisions based solely on what I currently think is cool. Current cool vibes include neon colors and thick chipboard. And also using the leaves my cat chews off my houseplants as photo props. 


Tessellations @ Helikon Gallery

I have several pieces in the Process: The Altered Photo exhibition at Helikon Gallery in Denver Colorado March 18 to April 22. Check it out if you're in the area! 

Mandala Tessellation

I just finished this piece, which has a form a bit different than my previous Tessellation sculptures. While my other wall sculptures have a more amorphous form, this one consists of concentric patterns, something more akin to a Mandala than anything else. I am really in love with this new structure. It makes more sense for the intent of these wall sculptures and I'll tell you why; the vintage images I use to make these sculptures are those of people and their homes, and mandalas are traditionally seen as representations of the Universe and are symbolic of balance and wholeness, so they are a perfect from to create a small world out of these peoples unknown stories. I'm going to make several more and display them as a vintage storytelling solar system.

Tessellations in Atlanta

Split Spaces, 2016, 4ft x 6 ft

Split Spaces, 2016, 4ft x 6 ft

Worlds Collide, 2016, 4 ft x 6 ft

Worlds Collide, 2016, 4 ft x 6 ft

These two pieces were recently installed in an office in Altanta Ga! If you're Atlanta, you should totally sneak into this office to go check 'em out!

Harmony Of the Seas

I feel like I've been waiting such a long time to share this news, but it actually wasn't too long ago that I was commissioned to create a new Tessellation wall sculpture! It's for a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship! Crazy, right? I know! The ship is the Harmony of the Seas, which was just launched, and is the largest passenger ship in the world!  And while the thought did cross my mind, no I did not ask to be paid in cruise tickets. 

Vintage Photo Finds

Im gearing up for some new Tessellation projects by scrounging up new source material! These goodies were found on a recent trip to Savannah.

Studio Upgrade

I've been making some upgrades to my studio space and it's finally coming together! I rearranged the space and added a second work table to extend my usable work surfaces  and take better advantage of my one window. This makes me extremely excited to work  in my space. I've worked out of the second bedroom of my apartment for the last 4 years,  and sometimes it's the best thing in the world to work from home and sometimes it can  be incredibly challenging. My new sunny work surfaces definitely make things easier. I also added two more utility shelves for material and project storage, plus some happy plants and a hungry cat. 

Dream House Prep

Getting all my materials set and calling in all my favors for my show this spring at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts! 

Dream House Sculpture

I'm pushing my Dream House series from 2D into 3D. Hopefully this is the first of many cloud puffs. Big things in the works guys. 

Tessellation Portals (or Portholes?!?!)

Made these up last week for a potential show in April. I feel like a genius because I really wanted some round frames but I couldn't find any on short notice, so I bought two clocks at Target and disassembled them for their frames. I'm cool like that. 

UPDATE: Both of these pieces were accepted into the Sweetwater Center for the Arts show Shaping New Worlds and were part of a review written for TribLive. Check out the article here.